Ellen Kiser

Vice President

Hello all, I am Ellen Kiser, a fourth-year graduate student in the Department of
Microbiology and Immunology. I have served in the Graduate Student Senate for two
years, and this past year, 2019 to 2020, I served as a Graduate and Professional
Student Government Delegate. This year I will be serving as Vice President of GPSG.
In my role as Vice President, I hope to continue to foster connections between students,
faculty, and administration; I hope to improve lines of communication in order to better
advocate for students’ needs. Additionally, I hope to continue the collaboration with the
Iowa City City Council as well as the local governments of the surrounding areas to
advocate for students on a number of issues including safety and housing.

I am originally from the small town of Juda, Wisconsin. I attended the University of North
Dakota and graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in biology. While at the
University of North Dakota, I was a member of Dr. Catherine Brissette’s laboratory
researching Lyme disease. In 2017, I started graduate school here at the University of
Iowa by joining the Department of Microbiology and Immunology to pursue my Ph.D. I
am a member of Dr. Mary Wilson’s laboratory, and we study the protozoan parasite that
causes leishmaniasis.

Outside of school, I enjoy kayaking, mountain biking, running, and doing CrossFit.