Ethan Fuhrman

Sustainability Chair

Ethan Fuhrman is a second-year graduate student in the Department of Chemistry. His research is on the atmospheric chemistry of secondary organic aerosols emitted from marine environments and garbage burning, in particular. He was the Director of the Student Office of Sustainability at his alma mater, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire during his senior year. 

As the Sustainability Chair, his mission is to 

  1. Continue existing projects and partnerships, 
  2. Tackle systemic issues that result in environmental injustices, and 
  3. Agitate, educate, and organize students against socio-ecological injustices.

To these ends, his specific goals are to facilitate a Town-Gown Climate Agreement between the University and the City of Iowa City, elevating the voices of students organizing for a livable future, educating students and community members about socio-ecological injustices and what they can do to stop them, and advocating for systemic divestment from fossil fuels and other products that give rise to socio-ecological injustices.