UISG and GPSG are committed to creating a more environmentally friendly campus at Iowa.  Here are just a few initiatives regarding sustainability that UISG and GPSG has completed or works on:

  • The creation of a Green Initiatives Fund to support sustainability projects by student organizations on campus.
  • Laying the groundwork for a bike share program in collaboration with the City of Iowa City and the Office of Sustainability.
  • Promotion of a general student recycling campaign with a focus on multifamily apartments.
  • Expansion of water fountains with water bottle refill capabilities (i.e., Hydration Stations, gooseneck bottle fillers) in the Iowa Memorial Union, Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, etc. .
  • Tray-Less Dining: implementing tray-less policies in residence halls to reduce food and water waste.
  • Helping to promote recycling efforts at Kinnick: recruiting volunteers to assist the Office of Sustainability in recycling efforts on game days.
  • Support the university gardens as source of organic food for residence halls.
  • Educate student organizations on how to sponsor environmentally friendly events: supplying the IMU events with Cleartainers (e.g., recycling, compost) for student-event use.
  • Developing, coordinating, and maintaining relations with environmental groups on campus.
  • UISG and GPSG purchased Cleartainers for student organization/event use last year within the IMU, and the Cleartainers enable both recycling and composting at major events. These systems can be requested for use when filling out an EIF, or event information form through the IMU event and planning page.  Here is the tutorial video UISG and GPSG created to inform students about correctly identifying and using recylable and compostable waste materials:


20 Steps to Sustainability by 2020

2020 Vision: The University of Iowa’s Sustainability Targets, builds on the important work that has taken place on campus since President Mason’s 2008 speech and in response to the sustainability challenge. It is the product of planning and initiatives undertaken by hundreds of people, including faculty, staff and students, as well as UI administrators. It sets out plans that have been adopted to pursue and expand sustainability efforts in several key areas of operations, research, education, and outreach. This 2020 Vision is ambitious and forward-looking, and accomplishing the goals identified in this document will require concerted attention and significant effort over several years. Nonetheless, while the projects and ideas identified in this document will be important foci of University sustainability efforts over the next several years, 2020 Vision does not capture all that is being done, nor is it intended to preclude the development of new initiatives and new plans. To the contrary, by stating these medium-term goals clearly and forthrightly, we aim to set a floor, not a ceiling, on institutional efforts toward sustainability.

Click here to view our 2020 Sustainability Booklet

If you have questions or comments please direct them to the UISG Sustainability Liaison Andrew Hirst at