January 31, 2017

Meeting Date

01/31/2017 at 7:00 PM


University Capitol Centre 2520D

Meeting Documents

Agenda Meeting Minutes Document 1

Additional Notes:

Funding decisions:

  • Fund "Theme Semester: Our Lives Online" event for $5,000.
  • Fund First Amendment Event to be held in March for $10,000. 

Big updates:

  • Campus Inclusion Team is now active.
  • A bill has been filed that proposes significant changes to Iowa state law about collective bargaining. Because the law determines what topics of bargaining are permissible by the graduate student union COGS (who have been in contract negotiations with the Board of Regents since last year) and what actions can be taken by the University of Iowa, any upcoming changes to the stipend and benefits covered by the COGS contract is unknown until both the final status of the law and of contract negotiations are resolved. 


  • GPSG elections are on April 7! Please reach out to graduate and professional students who would be interested in Universitywide service.