Moala Bannavti


Hello, I am Moala Bannavti, the 2021-2022 Graduate and Professional Student Government President. I am a fourth-year doctoral candidate studying Civil and Environmental Engineering. I specifically look at characterizing airborne polychlorinated biphenyls in resource-constraint middle schools. From 2019-2020 I served as GPSG’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director (DEI Chair) and in 2020-2021 I was a voting delegate on behalf of Graduate Student Senate. I was one of six students on the planning committee for the College of Engineering’s Inaugural Celebrating Diversity in Engineering Graduate Student Conference. Within my department, I have served on the DEI Action Plan Committee focused on reimagining hiring, promotion and tenure policy.  

I come to serve you all the way from Nso, Cameroon; Ipswich, United Kingdom; and most recently, North Plainfield, New Jersey. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Natural Resources, Theater) from Delaware State University in 2018 and a Master of Science (Civil and Environmental Engineering) form the University of Iowa in 2020. I also received my Graduate Certificate of College Teaching from the University of Iowa in 2021.  

Outside of the University of Iowa, I am a proud member and Chaplain for the Tau Psi Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I also love to attend Sunday Service at Iowa City’s Bethel AME Church.  

Throughout my time at the University of Iowa I have most admired the strength of the Shared Governance Model and the impact graduate and professional students have on administrative decision-making. I found shelter in student government when I was weak, and have now been given the ability to lead with new-found strength. My goal is that all graduate and professional students feel included in every aspect of their government. I want students to understand that THEY ARE GPSG and the rest of us simply serve as megaphones to amplify their needs, wants, concerns, and values. I want all University of Iowa graduate and professional students to know that nothing is too big or small for GPSG to fight for.

Research areas
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering