Funding for student orgs - Graduate & Professional Student Government (GPSG)

GPSG and UISG (the undergrad student government) both provide funding for student org activities. 

The information below describes the application process, the review procedure, and rules and regulations related to funding. Funding announcements are posted on the home page.

If you have questions about how GPSG makes funding decisions, please email Matt Tarnoff, the Chief Financial Officer; if you have questions about access to or technical issues with OrgSync, contact CSIL staff.

Academic Year 2014-2015 Student Org Budget Deadlines

Cycle Deadline
FY15 Fall Supplemental Friday, September 12, 2014 at 5pm
FY15 Spring Supplemental Friday, January 30, 2014 at 5pm
FY16 Annual Budget (CFOs Only) TBD
FY16 Annual Budget (Non-CFOs Only) TBD


Please note: FY15 is divided into two supplemental budget cycles. Please plan accordingly.

Applying for student org funding 

Step 1: Log-on to your org's OrgSync page

Step 2: If you don't have access to the treasury module on OrgSync, request it from a group admin (see video tutorial).

Step 3: Complete the budget application form (see video tutorial).

Step 4: Wait for the review committee's recommendation (see 'Review Process' below; video tutorial). 

Review process (see video tutorial)

No matter whether your organization is predominantly undergrad, predominantly grad/professional, or a mixture of both, your application for funding will be reviewed by the GPSG budget committee, called GPAC (Graduate & Professional Allocation Committee). When GPAC reviews your application for funds, they rely on two sets of standards:

You should use these two documents to help ensure you have a complete, and realistic budget proposal.

 The Final Decision

GPAC does not make the final decision on student org funding; they make a recommendation to the GPSG delegates, who are elected representatives of the graduate and professional student body. Because the delegates make the final funding decision, student orgs wishing to contest GPAC's recommendation must make their case directly to the delegates. In order to do so, student orgs must alert the GPAC chair of their intent to appear before the delegates via email at least 24 hours before GPSG is scheduled to meet (our meetings are posted on our calendar). 

Rules and Regulations 

Additional rules and regulations related to student org funding are available below:

For Collaborative Funding Organizations (CFOs)


Post Funding Requirements

  • Advertising and Marketing

If your student organization was allocated funding from GPAC, your organization must include the GPSG logo on your marketing and advertising paperwork, e.g. fliers, posters etc. The logos are available below:

Black Logo

White Logo 

  • Large Event Follow Up Form

If your organization was allocated greater than $250 for an event, you must submit a Large Event Follow Up Form. You can obtain this form from the SOBO at the IMU (159 IMU).

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