The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of all students. This involves everything from promoting mental and physical wellbeing, to addressing traffic safety concerns, to maintaining a safe and welcoming campus climate. Our work is driven by the concerns brought forth by our constituents either directly or via our annual safety survey. Some of our goals for this year include:

  1. Improving bicycle and moped safety by increasing awareness of traffic safety laws and promoting the use of helmets. Also, increasing awareness of areas where bikes should be walked to ensure pedestrian safety.
  2. Increasing awareness of self-defense courses and other safety resources available to all students.
  3. Advocating for mental health and counseling resources that are readily accessible to all graduate and professional students.
  4. Promoting events that will enhance the mental, physical, social, and spiritual wellbeing of students across campus.

In working toward some of these goals, the Health & Safety Committee works with many campus partners including:

  • Department of Public Safety
  • University Counseling Services
  • Director for Student Wellbeing and Harm Reduction Initiatives
  • Women’s Resource and Action Center
  • Rape Victim Advocacy Program
  • Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinator

Some of the current initiatives we are working on include suicide prevention training for all students, providing recommendations for changes/updates to the university’s alcohol policy, a video for first-time apartment or home renters, and a bike/moped safety campaign. We are also a part of the following committees on campus:

  • Anti-Violence Coalition
  • Alcohol Harm Reduction Advisory Committee
  • Off-Campus Student Support Advisory Committee
  • Alcohol Policy Workgroup

 Important links & resources that may be helpful:

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or you would like to volunteer your time to help with some of the ongoing health and safety initiatives for GPSG or UISG, please reach out to:

Casey Inman (, GPSG Health & Safety Chair 

Aastha Chandra (, UISG Health & Safety Chair