GPSG's Interprofessional Development Committee works to foster professional and social connections between students in the Graduate, Medical, Law, Pharmacy, Public Health, and Dentistry Colleges. Events and social gatherings at local favorites spots work to bring our graduate and professional students together.
Since recent events, the Interprofessional Development Committee will be working to utilize virtual or online platforms( ie social media, Zoom) to create spaces for networking, professional development, and social activities as well.
We hope to collaborate and work with several local sponsors & different graduate and professional student organizations and colleges to plan, promote and manage these events/activities.
We hope you'll join us this year and get to know other graduate and professional students who are excelling in their respective disciplines and making an impact in our community, nation and the world.

Please reach out to Anna White if you are interested in joining, or have exciting ideas for interprofessional events to share. We are always excited to try out new collaborations and events for our graduate and professional events.