Tuesday, March 21, 2017

GPSG will vote on Executives on Tuesday, April 4 at 7pm in UCC 2390, and on Chairs on Tuesday, May 2 at 7pm in UCC 2390!

Nominations, last updated on April 27:


(should be a grad student)

  • Tejasvi Sharma (Graduate College; GPSG delegate)

Vice President

(should be a professional student)

  • Grant Jerkovich (College of Pharmacy)

Chief Financial Officer

  • Chris Cozzolino (College of Pharmacy) 


  • Apoorva Joshi (College of Engineering)

Grants Director

  • Reuben Vyn (Graduate College)


  • Barbara Okeke (Graduate College)

Diversity Chair

  • Natalie Brown (Graduate College)

Safety Chair

  • Kimberly Depalma (College of Law)

Sustainability Chair

  • Andrew Metzger (Graduate College)

Inter-Professional Chair

  • (to be appointed by GPSG 2017-2018)

Governmental Relations Chair

  • Fischer Herald (College of Pharmacy)
  • Luke McClanahan (Graduate College)