Monday, April 18, 2016

Active Minds & UCS Welcomes Jordan Burnham 

to U of I for his talk

Survival, Recovery & Acceptance

focused on his high school suicide attempt, his survival through it, and the dramatic lessons he learned regarding taking care one’s mental health. His talk is at times heartbreaking, at times inspirational, and at times a motivational presentation regarding his suicide attempt, his struggle with mental illness, the impact of being black and an athlete in an academic setting, and the wisdom and instruction he has for others on our campuses when managing these ever present concerns around mental health and suicide prevention, and what we can do about this for our ourselves and those close to us. 

Jordan Burnham is a nationally recognized mental health advocate who received the 2012 Emerging Humanitarian Award from the Asomugha Foundation.

He has been featured in The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, and USA Today, and has appeared on ESPN’s E: 60 and Outside the Lines, CNN, and Good Morning America.Wednesday, April 20th @ 7:00p.m.Pomerantz Center Auditorium (C20)