Thursday, November 12, 2015

The University of Iowa Student Government and Graduate and Professional Student Government are concerned about the events unfolding on the University of Missouri-Columbia campus. As representatives of University of Iowa students, we stand by #ConcernedStudent1950, Black Lives Matter, Missouri Student Association, and additional advocates as they work for change on their campus.

We recognize there is much to be accomplished on our own campus and in our community. As we strive to make the University of Iowa safer and more inclusive for everyone, we remain dedicated to advocating for all students, especially those who face systemic oppression in our community. We are working to engage administration, community members, student organizations, and allies to find solutions to issues we are facing on campus.

We urge students to continue engaging in discourse on racism, diversity, and inclusion on our campus. We will be sharing information about upcoming events on social media as they are organized for our campus and community.

Elizabeth Mills, UISG President

Joshua Schoenfeld, GPSG President