Friday, September 4, 2020

Please find below the text of an email sent on behalf of USG and GPSG to all students on September 4, 2020 at or around 4 pm CST in advance of the Labor Day weekend. 

Hey Hawkeyes,  

As we all know, this semester and the academic year look very different for our campus community. Kinnick Stadium will remain empty, our classes are nearly all online, and many of our favorite university traditions have been postponed or even canceledOpportunities to learn and engage as a student at the University of Iowa are vastly different from beforeOur individual actions must reflect this change -- for the health of our friends, family, and home we call Iowa City.  

We know that the cause of a COVID-19 outbreak in our community does not sit squarely on our shoulders, but as students, we play an enormous part in preventing further spread.  

To protect our Hawkeye community please:  

  • Mask UpWearing a face covering is required on campus, in Iowa City, and throughout Johnson County.  
  • Do not engage in high-risk activities. Do not attend crowded gatherings, such as house parties, where social distancing and mask-wearing is difficult to maintain.  
  • Stay home and call Student Health if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, such as head and body aches, fever, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, and/or fatigue. Click here for step-by-step guidance 
  • Practice social distancing. When possible, reduce in-person social interactions, and limit the number of people you meet in-person to 6 or less. 
  • Self-report if you have tested positive or have been contacted by a public health agency about possible exposureDoing so will notify your instructors of your potential absence and help the University provide you support. You can find the reporting from here.  
  • Wash your hands. Sing the Iowa Fight Song to ensure you are washing for the appropriate amount of time.  

Failure to comply with COVID-19 guidelines and protocols not only threatens the health of our community and university operations but could result in a meeting with the Office of Student Accountability. Engaging in behaviors that are against public health recommendations may be a violation of the COVID-19 student agreement and the Code of Student Life 

It is imperative that we all do what we can to stop the spread, protect the most vulnerable, and end this pandemic. It takes all of us to keep our campus community healthy.  

If you have additional questions about COVID-19 and how it has impacted our campus and community, please visit or contact 

Thank you for stepping up for our community. Stay safe, Hawkeyes!  

Connor Wooff and Mara Smith 

President and Vice President 

Undergraduate Student Government (USG) 


Mackensie Graham and Ellen Kiser 

President and Vice President  

Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG)