Tuesday, March 23, 2021
Illustration with people talking to each other with speech bubbles that have no discernible text. Contains the heading and text: "Apply to be on a presidential charter committee. Application deadline: March 28th at 11:45pm"

Each spring the University of Iowa’s Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and Graduate & Professional Student Government (GPSG) search for interested students to fill student representative positions in Presidential Charter and All-University committees. All UI students—undergraduate, graduate, and professional—are encouraged to apply.

The deadline to apply for committee openings is Sunday, March 28 at 11:45 pm CST. No exceptions to the application deadline will be made. Interviews will take place from April 2–4. Committee terms will begin this September.

If you currently serve on a committee and desire to serve another term, you still must complete the application and mention why you are interested in serving another term.

Presidential Charter committees play an important role in the shared governance of our university. Charter committees were established to assure that university-wide services and activities are carried out in the best interests of the UI community. Their general responsibility is twofold:

  1. To recommend and to advise on the formulation of University policy
  2. To assist in the interpretation of University policies to their respective constituencies.

    The following committees (Charter and All-University) and the number of openings for student members include:
    +Campus Planning (3 student positions)
    +Council on Teaching (4 student positions)
    +Diversity (4 student positions - 2 undergraduate, 1 graduate, & 1 professional)
    +Family Issues (3 student positions)
    +Financial Aid Advisory (6 student positions - 1 student co-chair)

    +Hancher Auditorium (6 student positions - 1 student chair)
    +Information Technology Advisory (2 student positions)
    +Parking and Transportation (4 student positions)
    +Recreational Services (5 student positions - 1 student co-chair)
    +Research Council (2 student positions - 1 undergraduate & 1 graduate)
    +University Libraries (4 student positions - 2 undergraduate & 2 graduate or professional)
    +University Safety & Security (3 student positions)
    +Sustainability (4 student positions- 2 undergraduate, 1 graduate, & 1 professional)
    +Presidential Committee on Athletics (1 student positions - Non-Charter)

    Find more information on these committees at the Presidential Charter Committees website: http://president.uiowa.edu/about-university/charter-committees 

    Please consider playing a critical role in the shared governance of the University of Iowa by applying today. (Note: While the two student governments coordinate the selection process and act in a liaison role to the Presidential Charter Committees, these committees are distinctly separate from USG and GPSG).

    Please use the following link to submit your application: https://uiowa.campuslabs.com/engage/submitter/form/start/472198

    Please reach out to USG Internal Affairs Committee Chair, Kathryn Shumaker, at kathryn-shumaker@uiowa.edu with any questions.