Adriana Kotchkoski

Vice President

My name is Adriana Sofia Kotchkoski (She/her), and I am a 2nd-year Master of Health Administration student at the University of Iowa. I received a Bachelor of Social Work and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with Global Health and Leadership Certificates (May 2022). Recently, I completed a summer internship with Nihon Keiei, a healthcare consulting firm in Osaka, Japan. Additionally, I worked at a patient access center during my senior year, focusing on health data surrounding individuals with uncontrolled diabetes in the Dane County area.

In my role as Vice President for Graduate Government and Professional Students (GPSG), my aim is to serve as a strong advocate and representative for the diverse community of graduate and professional students at the University of Iowa. I am dedicated to ensuring that their voices are heard, their needs are met, and their concerns are addressed. I look forward to advocating for graduate and professional students during my time as VP. 

Outside of academics, I enjoy playing the cello, traveling, and spending time with my cat, Dorian.